Editing From Email Address

You can also edit the email address from which the emails to students are sent. The default email address is hello@assignment-os.com.

If you want to change this to one of the internal email addresses you use, enter it into the From Email Address field at the bottom of the Emails section, and click the Save button:

Once you do this, the email address you entered will receive a verification request email from Amazon SES, our email provider. You just need to click the link in that email, and then all emails sent to candidates will be sent from this email address.

Enabling DKIM

To improve deliverability rates when using a custom email address, you can also configure DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), which provides proof that the emails you send to candidates originate from your domain and are authentic. DKIM signatures are stored in your domain's DNS system. Once you save a custom email address, you will also receive an email from CodeScreen containing the records you need to add to your DNS settings to enable DKIM.

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