This page provides an overview of how our API can be used to integrate AssignmentOS with an internal system you are currently using for managing assignments.


First, let's give an explanation of a few of the terms that appear in these API docs.

  • Assignment - An assignment that you have created on AssignmentOS.

  • Assignment Instance - An assignment that has been started by one specific student.

Sequence Diagram

Sequence Description

  1. Inside your student dashboard screen, call the Load Assignments endpoint to retrieve a list of all assignments in your AssignmentOS account. You can then filter these by the course_id to only show the assignments that are in the course that this particular student is enrolled in. If your student dashboard screen is built in such a way that a separate screen is shown for each assignment, then you can filter the assignments further by name to find the correct assignment.

  2. Once the student start an assignment inside your system, call the Start Assignment endpoint with the student's details and the Assignment ID. This then creates an Assignment Instance for the given student and returns the id of the instance and the instance URL. You can then open this URL in a separate tab where the student can start the AssignmentOS assignment workflow:

  3. Once the student visits their dashboard screen again in your system (or the individual assignment screen), call the Load Assignment Instance endpoint to get the status of a particular assignment for that student. If the student has completed the assignment, the endpoint will return a report link for the student to view inside AssignmentOS:

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