Editing Email Templates

Student receive multiple emails from AssignmentOS during their journey through an AssignmentOS assignment, from when they are initially sent the assignment to when they submit their solution.

We provide the option to edit these email templates to include your company's logo and wording, which gives the student more of a consistent experience across your interview process.

To edit the email templates, click into the Emails section on the top toolbar on AssignmentOS, which will take you to the following screen:

Note that you will not have access to the Emails section on AssignmentOS unless you are an admin user. If you are not an admin, please contact one of the admin users in your organization, and they will be able to make you an admin.

Each email type has a default template associated with it, and you can view these by clicking Show default beside each type.

To edit an email template, click Edit. You can then edit the default HTML to include your own branding and wording. Editing HTML can be easily performed by you or by one of your developer colleagues if you are a non-technical user. If this is not an option, then please message on our live chat and we can do this for you.

Each email template has a set of substitution variables that we use to dynamically insert information into the email HTML. Examples of these include the student first name, the assignment deadline, etc.

Below is a table which shows at which point during the student assignment journey lifecycle each email is sent, and the substitution variables that are used for each:

Email name

Sent point

Variables used

Begin Assessment

When a student is sent this assignment.

{firstName}, {assignmentTitle}, {companyName}, {studentLinkUrl}, {deadline}.

First Commit

When a student pushes their first commit(s) to their GitHub/GitLab repo for this assignment.

{assignmentTitle}, {companyName}, {studentLinkUrl}.

Expiry Warning

Sent when there is 30 minutes left before the assignment deadline expires.

{firstName}, {assignmentTitle}, {companyName}, {studentLinkUrl}.


Sent after the student submits their solution for this assignment.

{assignmentTitle}, {companyName}.


Sent to notify the student that you have given them feedback on their submission.

{assignmentTitle}, {companyName}, {comments}.

An explanation on what each variable is referring to is provided below:

  • {firstName} - The student's first name.

  • {assignmentTitle} - The name of your assignment that the student has been sent.

  • {companyName} - The name of your company you set when you signed up to AssignmentOS. This can be edited in the Your account section in AssignmentOS.

  • {studentLinkUrl} - The link to the student's assignment page on AssignmentOS.

  • {repoUrl} - The link to the student's private repo on GitHub/GitLab for this assignment.

  • {deadline} - The date time the student has until to complete the assignment, e.g. "11th November at 18:30 (UTC)". This is always displayed in the UTC timezone.

  • {comments} - The feedback you have provided to the student. If you have left your feedback as comments on the student's GitHub/GitLab repo, then these comments will be included in the email sent to the student.

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