4️⃣Add Description & Starter Code

Once you create an assignment, a new folder will be created in the private GitHub/GitLab template repository for the course in which you are adding this assignment. This folder will contain a standard project structure for your chosen language/framework (see Language/Framework Guides for more details).

For example, let's say you have a course called Java Intro, and you create an assignment in that course named Week 3 - Loops in the Java (Maven) language, then the following folder will be created in the GitHub/GitLab template repo for your Java Intro course:

You can then add the description of the assignment to the Readme and any starter code:

When a students starts an assignment, a new private GitHub/GitLab repo will be created for that student. This repo will just contain one commit (the initial commit) which contains the current contents (on the main branch) of the folder for that assignment in the course template repo. The student will not be able to see the commit history or the other (non-main) branches in your template repo, which means you can keep on iterating on the template repo over time with meaningful commit messages, etc.

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