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In addition to the status and score, AssignmentOS also automatically generates an in-depth analysis report for each student's submission to your assignment:

We also send a version of this report to the student. See here for more details.

The report is broken into the following sections:

Unit/Integration Test Cases Result

In the top left, you can see the number of unit test cases that passed and failed when we ran them against the student's submission. You can also view more details on the failing test cases, which contains a summary of the percentage of passing test cases for each assessment suite and the individual failure message for each failing test case.

Code Coverage Result

Below the unit test cases summary, we show the code coverage results. This is the percentage of the student's code that is covered by unit test cases. Note that we allow the student to add their own unit test cases. These are included in the final run of the student's submission and contribute to the code coverage result.


In the top right of the screen, we show the results of our static code analysis of the student's code. The goal of this analysis is to reveal issues with the student's code such as code smells, bad design patterns, etc.

We do this to help you speed up the process of reviewing a submission.

Once you click on one of the issue rows, you will be brought to the corresponding line of code in the student's GitHub/GitLab repo.

Note we only include the issues that we find in the files that the student added/edited.

Test Run Output

This section gives you access to the full output log file that was generated when we built the student's submission (compiled the code, ran the unit test cases, etc.).

Time Taken

The amount of time it took the student to complete the assignment.

Plagiarism Check Passed

The result of our plagiarism check for this solution. A green tick means that no similarities to all other submissions for this assessment have been detected. A red X means we have found enough similarities with another submission that warrants further investigation. We also provide a link to review the comparisons further.

GitHub/GitLab Repo

A link to the student's GitHub/GitLab repo for this assignment.

GitHub/GitLab Unified Diff

A link to view all changes/additions between the initial commit and the student's last commit (i.e. before any hidden unit/integration tests were added) in their repo for this assignment. This helps speed up the review process as you can view the student's submission in its entirety rather than on a per commit basis.

Feedback & Recommendations

A link to the AI-generated feedback & recommendations for this submission. See here for more details.

Give Feedback

We provide a nice workflow that enables you to give feedback to a student on their submission. Click here for more details.

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